"Strong The Wind Blows" is a Documentary Film by award winning Filmmaker and World Record breaking Athlete, Benjamin Jordan. We are presently in a pre-release stage of Strong The Wind Blows where individuals can Sponsor the film project in exchange for the priviledge of Downloading the Special Edition of the film today, as well as the International Edition in the Fall of 2017, once the film has begun its festival run. Come Fall of 2017, Strong The Wind Blows will be officially released in many languages which were voted for by the Sponsors of the film. Languages will include German, French, Norwegian, Spanish as well as any other language that receives at least 500 votes through the website StrongTheWindBlows.COM.
7 PM - There he is!
X-Alps fans spot our man as he comes in goes on final glide for the day.
Cheese 'n Trackers
We are presently training through various parts of the Alps. See our inReach tracker maps below.
We use inReach to stay safe and communicate on the ground and in the sky.
BELOW is Krischa's tracker. He is currently flying sections of the race route. Krischa has a lot on his mind and often leaves his tracker on while we're driving ;).
Episode 1. Teamwork
Though the X-Alps is a Race, Sportsmanship is what makes it fun and during our training we had the pleasure of sharing both lines in the sky and jokes on the ground with a number of other first-time competitors.

Let the Bro-mance begin!
Team Swiss Cheese
#TEAMSWISSCHEESE is a project created by Canadian, Benjamin Jordan to celebrate the friendship and athletic partnership of he and Swiss pilot, Krischa Berlinger. Throughout the 2017 Red Bull X-Alps, the duo is honoured to welcome New Zealand pilot, Nils Kretschmer, to the Team. Jordan & Kretschmer will be supporting Krischa in their combined efforts to win this infamous Adventure Race!
Krischa Berlinger

A supporter during Red Bull X-Alps 2015, Krischa Berlinger will now be undertaking the greatest adventure race as a competitor. With 5 years of flying experience, he's one of the novice pilots in the pack. Will his flying skills be on par? Read more

Benjamin Jordan

Once an established fashion and advertising photographer in Toronto, Jordan fell deeply in love with paragliding and chose to combine his passions into a medium for positive change. Read more

Nils Kretschmer
(New Zealand)

Nils Kretschmer is no stranger to the race, being a member in the last editions strong Team New Zealand. His race specific Know-How, organisational talent and local knowledge will help tremendously to make us running as smooth as a well-oiled machine.. Read more

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+ 1 888 205 1687
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